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Cocktails and Chemo

Cocktails and Chemo

We are honored to share the story of PFS’ Clients, Ryan Young and Nina Dali of Charleston, SC.

Earl (Joe) Clark, The Superhero

Earl (Joe) Clark,
The Superhero

Earl (Joe) Clark is quite possibly the best person I know. Not because we have so much in common (ex-girlfriends now current wives), but because he cares and is genuinely good inside and out. He and his wife Amanda, are going through what must be, the hardest imaginable time of their lives.

In Sickness and In Health

In Sickness and
In Health

Earl was diagnosed with Colon cancer in September of 2011. 2 months before his 28th birthday and 2 months before his wedding. Since then, Amanda, with guest appearances from Earl, has kept a blog called Cocktails and Chemo, guiding friends, family and now thousands of people who follow Earl’s story, through his journey with cancer.

She talks about the “C word” and how it has affected finances, relationships with everyone, even their dog, their marriage, and even coping with his dad’s death…from colon cancer. Then Earl learned his cancer was back…again,

Feeling the Baby Kick

Feeling the Baby Kick

Announcing the Miracle

Announcing the Miracle

while getting news of a positive pregnancy test.

These two have endured the stress of becoming new parents while undergoing countless rounds of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. I cannot think of a family more deserving of love and support during an extremely difficult time and it gives me great honor to help bring awareness and financial relief to the Clark Family.

Introducing Mira(cle)!

Introducing Mira(cle)!

Please visit www.cocktailsandchemo.com for more on Earl’s battle.

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