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We are honored to share the story of PFS’ Client, Donna Posuch of Aurora, IL.

Years ago, I saw a heartbreaking TV miniseries about a single mother, who worked as a maid in a hotel. She suddenly lost her apartment due to a building fire. Just getting by when the fire occurred, she had no security deposit for a new apartment. Since she needed to line-up each day to get a bed for her daughter in a homeless shelter, she ended up missing work and lost her job. She struggled to find work, but without an address that was nearly impossible. Things spiraled down from there and she ended up relinquishing her daughter to social services.

I found it disturbing that all this woman needed was some short term help to get on her feet and yet there was no one there to do that.

Hesed House

When I became aware of Hesed House in Aurora, it really resonated with me because of that TV show. Hesed House’s mission is to provide that type of help to end homelessness and help get people back on their feet. Of course, they have beds and meals for their guests, but they understand that people need more than that to break that cycle. Not every individual will take advantage of this help, but the majority of them do. Hesed has short term (6 months) facilities for families with small children, counseling, classes on budgeting, interviewing, job skill training and a host of other services.

I have had the privilege of meeting some of the former guests of Hesed and hearing many of the individual stories. These are people that had good jobs and productive lives who were victims of an unfortunate circumstance. The typical homeless person is not how the stereotypes paint them. And Hesed treats everyone with respect and dignity.

The Volunteers

The Volunteers

The Goal

The Goal

The Guests

The Guests

Please help Hesed House in their mission to end homelessness.

Visit hesedhouse.org for more information.

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