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Lori Antone and Family

The Antone Family

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We are honored to share the story of PFS’ Clients, Caree Shtulman and Jimmy Wenzbauer of Glenview, IL.

In 2003, I started my first job out of college.  I met a bunch of new people and formed an unlikely and wonderful friendship with Lori.  She and I were complete opposites.  I’m loud, outgoing, not afraid to tell people what I really think and she was quieter, charmingly nerdy and easy to talk to.  Others in the office were surprised that we got along so well considering how different we were.

Lori, Corey and Baby Amelia

Lori and I talked about everything.  She was my confidant, adviser, sounding board, whatever she needed to be to help me.  That’s just the kind of person she was, she put others first.  She knew when I met my husband, that he was “the one” and I was happy to see her meet her “one” shortly thereafter.  In 2012 Lori and her husband Corey were able to see their dreams come true when they adopted their baby girl, Amelia.  Life could not have been sweeter.

In November of 2014, Lori was experiencing some health problems and after various tests she was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  This type of cancer is extremely rare in someone so young and on top of the already bleak prognosis for pancreatic cancer, the doctors had little to no experience with treating someone 25 years younger than the average patient.  They gave her 6-12 months but Lori was determined to fight this disease as aggressively as she could, and hope for a miracle.  

Lori with a positive attitude

Ready for Treatment

She did just that, taking on chemo and radiation, simultaneously at one point, and maintaining the most positive attitude and outlook.  The only time she felt bad was when she started realizing that she needed help.  She had always been the helper and prided herself on her independence and ability to handle it all but when her health got too bad for her to care for her daughter on a daily basis, and when their medical bills started piling up, the reality of the situation came crashing down.  Her stress over accepting help was only hurting her ability to fight this disease and when she realized how eager her friends and family were to provide help, she was able to receive.  Lori said she felt that she had done something great in life, to merit so many loving people wanting and willing to help her and her family get through this.  

Sadly, Lori lost her fight at the end of July.  I was able to be there with her and for her til the end just as she had always been there for me.  What I cherish most is that she told me how much she appreciated that I never treated her differently after she got sick.  That we were able to hang out and talk just like we always had, and that everything didn’t have to be about her illness.  I guess I wasn’t willing to let cancer cast a shadow on our friendship, as unlikely and wonderful as it was.  I feel peace knowing that her legacy of kindness and her fighting spirit lives on in everyone lucky enough to know her.

Caree and Lori

Lori and Caree

Please join me in supporting Lori’s wonderful family and an organization that was very important to her, Cleaning for a Reason.  They are a non-profit company who help women fighting cancer keep a clean home throughout their battle.  Lori always felt even little things can make a big difference and I hope she knows how much of a difference she made in my life, and many other lives.

Please visit the Antone Family Fund and Cleaning for a Reason for more information.  

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