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In celebration of the official launch of our Pulse Financial Services Cedar Rapids Branch, Stephanie Anderson, Financial Advisor and Pulse Partner, shares her story, about a wonderful, life changing organization.

I first started working with Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Services, several years ago, as the Baby Bottle Boomerang Ambassador for my church. I know, sounds pretty important ;). Baby Bottle Boomerang is a fundraiser they do every year where they deploy hundreds of empty baby bottles into the community to bring awareness to their ministry and act as a “piggy bank” for money to serve women and men who are faced with the surprise of an unplanned pregnancy. As the Ambassador, I learned a lot about Bridgehaven. I learned their mission is to empower choices for life through Christ-centered education and support. I learned about the variety of services they offer from pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, to parenting/adult education classes, to referral programs with adoptions services, to post-abortion recovery and support services for women and men, to youth education services promoting healthy relationship. I learned that this is an organization founded on love and a ministry carried out in love and that there is no judgement here.

At 35 years old I know women and couples who have struggled with both sides of the coin. The surprise of an unplanned pregnancy and the surprise of infertility. I have seen the initial devastation both surprises can cause but fortunately I’ve seen those in my life, receive the love and support they need to make decisions they feel right about. It’s a blessing to have been part of those support teams.

There are LOTS of surprises in life. Some fortunate and some less fortunate and they always put us

A community project brings all these supplies to Bridgehaven clients.

A community project brings all these supplies to Bridgehaven clients.

in a position where we have to make choices. And sometimes we’re not in the right frame of mind – trying to digest the surprise, trying to consider what the choices even are. Imagine having real help with that. Imagine having a team of dedicated, loving people there to support you and educate you on everything you need to consider to make the right decision for you. And many of these team members have even walked in your very same shoes. Imagine how much better your choices are going to be. Imagine how much more peaceful your life will be going forward. Knowing you made the right decision for you. Imagine if having access to that team is as easy as making a phone call or walking through a door.

Every time I go to the Bridgehaven Center, I’m in awe of the authenticity of every individual I talk to. The genuine kindness expressed by everyone toward everyone is special and there is a clear guest and client-centric ambiance when you walk in. There are no costs and no prerequisites to receive the services offered by Bridgehaven and in their words…here is what they do.

We bridge…

From Confusion to Empowerment

From Fear to Confidence

From Isolation to Support

From Grief to Restoration

It’s what we are. A refuge, a safe place, a haven.

It’s what we offer. Support before, during and after pregnancy.

Please join me in supporting this life changing organization and bringing awareness of these services to all who need it.

Please visit Bridgehavencr.org for more information.

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