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We are honored to share the story of PFS’ Clients, Ron and Linda Samoska of Woodridge, IL.  

Before telling you why I absolutely had to join Daybreak of St. Scholastica in Woodridge, IL, let me tell you a little about it: The goal of Daybreak is to provide financial independence for a “guest” at the end of a two-year stay.  This is accomplished by providing a rent-free apartment with paid utilities. Most importantly, mentoring is provided.  We teach our guests the most economical savings techniques, separating needs from wants. Mentors meet with the guests weekly to ensure they are “on track.” A monthly budget is established and weekly receipts reviewed.  We instill confidence, love, understanding and accountability, while showing that we genuinely care. We encourage any further education or training that could improve their financial status.

Raising Funds for Daybreak

Our guests are referred to us by Bridge Communities, through whom we rent the apartments. Our guests are persons in serious financial need. Many are single parents with a child or children.  When a vacancy occurs, the person is interviewed by Daybreak members.  If we accept them, and they accept the terms, a contract is signed stipulating the rules — no overnight guests, no alcohol, etc. Mentors and a social worker from Bridge meet quarterly with our guests to re-sign the contract to renew the spirit of commitment.

Through Bridge, many forms of help are available such as: resume assistance, employment leads, interview coaching, legal aid, counseling, tutoring, transportation needs, donated automobiles and other items.  We have a total commitment to launch our guests into self-sufficiency. Typically, at the end of two years, a guest has saved enough money for a down payment on a condo and has acquired responsible spending habits.  

Daybreak is conquering poverty, one family at a time.

So why did I join?  I was motivated to join Daybreak after hearing its current co-chairperson speak at church not long ago.  Christine, a teacher in the community, told us that she had seen an increase in homeless families enrolling their children in school in the past several years.  She spoke of one little girl whose family went to a different shelter each night.  Christine remembered wondering whether the girl gets enough sleep at night, had enough to eat, or had clean clothes to wear each week.  She worried whether the girl could concentrate on school work or was more concerned about having a warm place to stay after school.  “I felt the tears in my eyes,” Christine said, “and prayed ‘God, what can I do to help this little girl and her family?’  At that moment, I believe I heard God say to me, ‘Christine, you have a choice, either give up chocolate for Lent or do something to make a difference for families who need help.’  The choice for me to volunteer and tutor was more rewarding than giving up chocolate.  For, being a member of the Daybreak ministry taught me to listen to God’s plan, which is — you can make a difference in the world.”

After hearing Christine, how could I resist participating?  I joined Daybreak and requested to be a mentor, which was quickly granted. I attended a training session at Bridge Communities and another training called Protecting God’s Children. I have had the honor of working with Doris, an experienced mentor. Together, we mentor a single mom and her 3-year-old daughter.  Our guest has excellent organizational skills and has developed a strong desire to save. Watching her grow in confidence as she heads towards financial independence is very rewarding.

Along the way needs pop up — perhaps a coat, car seat, or other items. Our first words are, “Don’t buy it, let’s see if someone has one.”  Word gets back to our members and, behold, the item appears! The teamwork at Daybreak is excellent.  

I joined Daybreak because I see a strong need for it. Today that need is more acute than it was yesterday, economically and in other ways. Many families can live independently if they had the money for rent or a down payment along with responsible spending habits.  Acquiring those spending habits and maintaining them is a must.

The Daybreak Team

We support two guests at a time, which requires about $22,560 per year. To support our guests in their transition period, here is how we raise funds. We have a winter dance, which raises approximately $3,800 annually.  The remainder has been donated by St. Scholastica parishioners. To kick off Lent, we hold an appeal called Adopt a Family in which a person selects a date on a calendar and pledges $30 to help with the guest’s rent.  We also sell Fanny May chocolate bars and Butter Braid coffee cakes before and after Mass.  St. Scholastica parishioners have been very generous over the years.

Daybreak came to the St. Scholastica Parish in 1994.  It began with one apartment and family, expanded to two families and then to three for a period of time. The group’s mission is to work with a family to move them from a state of poverty and need into being a productive family in main-stream society.

Daybreak has served about 26 families over the years. It has been said that when one breaks the cycle of poverty for just one family, it follows through for generations to come.

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*The donation caps at $2000/quarter

Any personal donations would be greatly appreciated.  Please send checks payable to Daybreak at St. Scholastica Parish, 7800 Janes Ave., Woodridge, Il 60517, Attn: M. Wagner – Daybreak Treasure

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