Investment Challenges, Strategies Designed to Help You Overcome Investment Challenges

You may face several investment challenges to successfully reaching your goals, such as market volatility and the emotions this unpredictability may cause. And there are the larger economic issues of inflation, low interest rates and high taxes that can create additional challenges. Fortunately, Pulse Financial Services provides a wide range of investment strategies that can help you address these challenges and keep your investment plan on track.

Retirement Planning Strategies

Consider these common challenges and some corresponding strategies to address them:

Thanks to healthier lifestyles and advances in health care, people today are living longer than ever. Will your money last as long as you do?
Strategy: If you’re anxious about the possibility of outliving your assets, investing for a rising income could be a strategy to consider. A rising income strategy is designed to allow your income to rise over time, rather than forcing you to rely on a fixed income.
Interest rates have been declining for years. Are your investments generating enough income for your needs?
Strategy: Pulse’s income investing strategies may be able to provide a higher level of income to address your income needs.
What would a market downturn do to your retirement savings? Is there a way to protect yourself?
Strategy: Pulse has risk-control strategies that are aimed at responding effectively to changing market conditions. They can potentially help your portfolio buffer downturns in the capital markets, as well as participate in growth potential when markets are on the rise.
Higher prices steadily erode the value of what your dollars will buy over time. Do you have a strategy in place to counter the effects of higher inflation?
Strategy: To help counter the effects of inflation, you may want to consider certain investment strategies as part of your overall portfolio that are specifically designed to appreciate when inflation rises.
Capital gains taxes can put a significant drag on the portfolio performance of investors with taxable accounts. What will you do if taxes increase?
Strategy: If the possibility of higher taxes has you concerned, you may want to take advantage of a potentially effective strategy called tax harvesting or tax deferral.

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