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We are honored to share the story of PFS’ Clients Steve and Nina Duke from Lockport, IL

Caity and Arthur

Guiding eyes for the blind is dedicated to making connections between people and dogs.  It is a nonprofit organization that provides trained dogs for the blind and visually impaired.  The dogs help people to gain independence and to expand their horizons of opportunity.  They breed, raise and train exceptional dogs, then connect them to people who are seeking increased freedom and independence so they can experience all kinds of life adventures.  It costs $50,000 to breed, raise, train and match a guide dog.  More than 170 guide dog teams are created every year.  There is no cost for the services to people who are blind or visually impaired.  Our niece, Caitlin, is visually impaired. Here is her story about her Guiding Eyes for the Blind experience.

For me personally when I contacted the school for the first time I was quite young, just 17.  After months of preparation I headed out for my journey and I came back with a four legged beautiful blonde lab named Arthur. For the next several years he attended my college classes with me daily and provided me with comfort and aided my travel. Suddenly I knew where curbs were before the tip of my cane would have found them. I was aware of obstacles in my path before bumping them with the cane or some part of my body.  Try to imagine the liberation this gave me.  I could walk with confidence and the anxiety I had grappled with was minimized.

Now my Arthur is enjoying his retirement while I look for a job in the field of massage therapy.  Our bond is unique and can never be broken even though his harness now hangs on its peg. The years of work we did together carries us out of the dark together. I’m so grateful to guiding eyes for giving me this friend, and freedom. 

Please join us in honoring our niece and Arthur, the best friend who changed her life.      


Please visit www.guidingeyes.org for more information.


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