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We are honored to share the story of PFS’ Clients Ian and Mandy Crowell of Katy, TX.

We moved to Houston from Chicago in 2016. While we were fortunate to escape Hurricane Harvey safely with manageable damages to our property many were not so lucky. We personally know people who lost properties to flood and were uninsured given they were in 500 year flood zones. To say this has been devastating is an understatement but people have rallied around friends and neighbors — help repairing flood-damaged homes, providing temporary housing, volunteering, etc. Additionally, many businesses have closed due to flooding leaving lower-income retail and service employees out of work. The media has moved on from Harvey but it will take years for Houston to recover and this is why we are happy to bring awareness and drive donations to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston. Here is what they have to say about their mission and efforts to provide Hurricane Harvey relief:

Like most of the southeast region Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston was heavily impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Most of our Clubs received water and wind damage and reported major losses with regard to supplies and equipment. Despite the massive amount of damage sustained as an organization BGCGH opened the doors to 5 of our 14 Clubs with extended hours immediately after Hurricane Harvey to provide relief for families, stability for youth and teens, and care for communities with 6 additional Clubs opening on Labor Day. These Clubs were open to all youth and teens in the Greater Houston area who needed a safe place to go during the day. Membership fees were waived for children and teens ages 6-17. BGCGH provided warm meals and snacks, sports activities, arts activities, access to computers and encouraging mentors.

In addition to opening our Clubs as quickly as possible BGCGH developed a Pop-Up Club at the shelter located in NRG Center to service youth and families displaced by Hurricane Harvey. We offered extended hours daily from 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays and 12:00pm to 5:00pm on Sundays. The Pop-Up Club began providing services on Friday, September 1st and remained operation until the shelter successfully located housing for every family. The Pop-Up Club provided programs and services for approximately 100 youth daily between the ages of 3 and 13. The overall goal was to provide a safe place for youth while allowing parents and guardians to take care of personal business with FEMA, insurance companies and work. The Pop-Up Club at NRG Center allowed us to accomplish the following:

  • Meet the critical needs of the underserved, vulnerable and displaced youth and families located in the shelter
  • Provide trained and knowledgeable staff from existing BGCGH Clubs to identify the needs of displaced families and provide services and programs offered by BGCGH
  • Allow parents the freedom to handle post Harvey related business with F.E.M.A., insurance companies and other agencies
  • Allow parents to return to work knowing that their youth are in a safe and structured environment until schools reopen Provide employment opportunities and Social Justice Youth Development training to meet the needs of youth being serviced

For many parents in our community, the ability to work is highly influenced by the availability of a safe, supervised environment for their children after disasters like Hurricane Harvey. Childcare options can be scarce or cost-prohibitive for impacted families. The For The BGCGH Pop-Up Club enabled parents to be economically productive without compromising the wellbeing of their children. The high quality and reliability of BGCGH programs ensures that parents can tend to post Hurricane Harvey related business or work productively at their jobs, knowing their kids are having positive experiences, gaining useful skills, and having healthy fun. The cost to operate the Pop-Up Club was approximately $36,000. BGCGH also gifted scholarships to 107 youth (not including the Pop-Up Shelter) throughout the City of Houston that were impacted by the storm. Membership is annualized at $1500 per member totaling $160,500. BGCGH successfully provided these services despite the fact that funding for extended hours, a Pop-Up Club and scholarships were not included in the 2017 budget.

The Economic Impact of the Boys & Girls of Greater Houston report shows that for every $1 invested in BGCGH, up to $17.37 worth of positive economic impact is produced in the Greater Houston community. Funding and support from partnerships with donors like Ian & Mandy will assist with unplanned expenses caused by Hurricane Harvey including overhead for extended hours and staffing as well as related supplies.


Please visit www.bgcgh.org for more information.


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