Adult with Confidence

Life changes and the impacts of them can be unpredictable and have a huge effect on your financial situation. Being unprepared for a big life change financially can be stressful and costly. Planning ahead is important to avoid unnecessary scrambling & can help maximize your financial security no matter what life has to throw your way.

At Pulse Financial Services, we believe being proactive through life events gives you the best opportunity to find Bliss through the challenges of transition. We also believe in customizing our approach to suit your individual and family values.

The Bliss Program is designed to help you effectively preserve and grow your family’s wealth while navigating life’s changes. We will pose the tough questions and provide insight and resources that will help you establish your personal financial standards for maintaining and enhancing your lifestyle. We will notify you, educate you and discuss with you, the choices you have as you approach or experience each life event.

Let us help you rest easy knowing that Pulse will be your guide, your teacher, and your friend as you decide what ‘Life After Work’ holds for you. 

Key Life Events

Please reach out to us if you experience any of the following:

  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Birth/Adoption of a child/grandchild
  • College planning for child/grandchild
  • Event planning (Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzva, Quinceanera/o)
  • New employment for you/your spouse
  • Home selling and/or buying
  • Business selling and/or buying
  • Long-term disability/illness
  • Caregiving for a loved one
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Money or property inheritance

These Life Events can affect several aspects of your financial plan.  We ask you to contact us early, so we can help evaluate your situation, offer viable solutions and keep your journey to and through retirement as smooth as possible.

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