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2021 2nd Quarter Sponsorship


We are honored to share the story of PFS’ Clients John and Wendy Ploense from Naperville, IL.


Compassion International traces its beginnings back to 1952, when Rev. Everett Swanson first developed special sponsorship programs for individuals, families or churches to help support Korean War orphans for a few dollars a month. His intentions were to pair compassionate people with children living in extreme poverty and help release them from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty.

Compassion currently partners with more than 8,000 churches in 25 countries to deliver its holistic child development program to over 2 million babies, children and young adults. The program works exclusively with local churches in developing countries. The churches identify children who need sponsors and coordinate the efforts to help them. Through the local churches, the children learn about Jesus Christ and what His message has to do with them.

Wendy and I first learned of the Compassion program during a church service in April of 2017. Our Missions Pastor shared a brief video presentation highlighting Compassion International.  As new members at our church, this was our first exposure to Compassion International.  Afterword we attended a gathering with a group of church members who had recently returned from Nueva Sion Student Center located in La Despensa-El Valle, Huanuco, Peru.

Later that morning, we spent several hours listening to stories, watching member’s videos, looking over many photographs and finding answers to a lot of our questions. The following week we discussed all that we had seen and heard that day and made the decision to sponsor our first child. In May of 2017 we became the sponsors of 6 year old Jose.  In 2019, we welcomed 5 year old Nayara to our sponsorship.  As of November, 2020, our church members sponsor over 230 children at Nueva Sion.

The 1st goal of Compassion International is to equip children today with skills to succeed tomorrow. Holistic child development provides opportunities that encourage the healthy development of all aspects of a child , spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and even economically — early and throughout life.

Beyond its Child Sponsorship Program, Compassion helps children in many ways. It has specific initiatives to help babies and mothers, develop future leaders, and meet critical needs. Critical needs include opportunities to provide medical assistance (e.g., surgeries, transplants, casts, wheelchairs and canes, cancer treatment, etc.), extra food and nutritional supplements, income-generation training, emergency home repairs and disaster relief, access to clean and safe water, education assistance, and other necessities.

Whether you donate to child sponsorship, disaster relief and stability, income generation, infrastructure development, or other critical intervention programs, your donation will be used to radically change the life of a child in poverty for good. When you make a charitable donation to one of Compassion's Complementary Interventions, you help make sure children in poverty receive the critical help they need. Your tax-deductible donation is used to meet needs that otherwise may not be met. Your donation to this top children’s charity gives a child the chance to escape poverty.

Additional information can be found on their website, https://www.compassion.com/

If you are moved to make a one-time credit card online donation or make a reoccurring monthly contribution to meet ongoing needs, rest assured that your donation is going to a charity that commits itself to the highest standards of financial integrity and financial accountability. Charitable donations will only be used for the purpose for which they were given.

Today’s needs are made even more critical as the majority of these children will be among the last to receive any care or relief from this covid-19 pandemic.


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*The donation caps at $2000/quarter


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