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2023 1st Quarter Sponsorship

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We are honored to share the story of PFS’ Client Danita Curry of Aurora, IL.


The Founders of Blossom, Mark and Linda Durrence, discovered thru being foster parents themselves that children go into foster homes with nothing but 1 bag filled with their possessions. And often the few clothes they have don't even fit. 

They took their own family tragedy and turned it into something positive. They started an organization that supplies children in foster care, and other children in need,4 outfits of clothing for each season. They have been able to open their own facility so they can come in and "shop."  And recently opened another so they can "shop" for accessories.  I started supporting Blossom earlier in 2022 and now satisfy my shopping addiction looking for bargains. 

Just last month my niece had to take in her 7-year-old and 12 month old granddaughters. They came with the clothes on their back and just a few other things. The baby didn't have shoes or even a jacket. They are not close enough to take advantage of Blossom, but it sure reinforced to me that this need exists. Luckily these two girls now have a great support system thru their extended family and will get everything they need.

For more information about Blossom, please visit their website: Blossom.

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