Retire with Confidence

Retirement is not what it used to be and it’s more important than ever to have a clear and Comprehensive plan. 10 to 15 years prior to retirement you will become eligible for certain benefits; and unless you are aware and timely in your decision making, you can miss out on ways to maximize your retirement or worse yet, get penalized.

At Pulse Financial Services, we believe your retirement should be the Pinnacle, of your professional life. We also believe that the road to your retirement should be painless and opportunistic.

The Pinnacle Program is designed to guide you on your personal retirement   journey, step by step. We will notify you, educate you and discuss with you, the choices you have as you approach each milestone starting at age 50.

Let us help you rest easy knowing that Pulse will be  your guide, your teacher and most importantly your friend as you decide what ‘Life After Work’ holds for you. 

Key Birthdays:

50th – Retirement Blueprints

55th – Retirement Healthcare and Long Term Care

60th – Employee Benefits

62nd – Social Security

64th – Medicare and Medicare Supplement

72nd – Required Minimum Distributions

What You Can Expect Throughout Your Milestone Year:

  • Quarterly articles specific to your stage in life (mailed)
  • A non-traditional, birthday specific   Review, with your spouse, if applicable
  • Possible “homework” to better prepare you for retirement decisions
  • Possible “Wealth Summit” with Pulse and other Retirement experts (i.e., CPA, Attorney, etc)

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