Credit and debt can be excellent financial tools. They allow you to make purchases today but extend the payment over many years to “afford” something you would not be able to pay for outright. These tools are used commonly to purchase homes, automobiles, and college educations.

Credit and debt can also pose great risk if you are not knowledgeable about your responsibility in taking on certain debt. Utilizing credit and debt should be well-considered, intentional, and absolutely part of a broader financial plan.

At Pulse Financial, we can help you:

  • Create a plan to pay off debt in a way that works for your income, budget, and other funding goals
  • Identify ways to consolidate or reduce interest rates on your current debt
  • Stay accountable to your debt management and payoff goals
  • Best utilize credit and debt in your financial plan to achieve additional financial goals
  • Better understand the debt you are are considering – like Student Loans – and explain the terms and the fine print so you know exactly what you are signing up for and the impact it will have on your financial future

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