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2024 3rd Quarter Sponsorship

For this Quarter we are honored to sponsor

Hawkeye Area Down Syndrome Association

and share the story of The Sahu Family of Atkins, IA.

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The Support of Hawkeye Area Down Syndrome Association (HADSA)

In 2015, our family received news that our third child, Anjali, would be born with Down Syndrome. This revelation marked the beginning of a transformative journey for us. Seeking guidance and assistance, we connected with the Hawkeye Area Down Syndrome Association (HADSA).

Prior to Anjali's arrival, a compassionate representative from HADSA visited our home bearing a thoughtful gift basket filled with valuable information and thoughtful gifts. Their presence and support did not end there; throughout Anjali's extended stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), HADSA continued to visit us, offering comfort and resources during a challenging time.

Since those initial interactions, our family has been actively involved in various HADSA programs, outings, and events. These activities have included the annual fundraising walk, festive Christmas parties, enlightening resource fairs, special HADSA nights at the Kernals, engaging DO Ra Mi music therapy classes, cheerful picnics, enjoyable play dates, lively dance parties, and a myriad of other enriching experiences.

The connections we have forged through our involvement with HADSA have proven to be priceless. Not only have we benefited from the plethora of resources and opportunities provided by this organization, but we have also cultivated meaningful friendships that have brought immense joy and support into our lives. HADSA has truly become an essential part of our journey, offering us not only guidance and assistance but a community where we feel understood, supported, and cherished.















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