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2023 2nd Quarter Sponsorship

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We are honored to share the story of PFS’ Clients Traci and Jason Mueller of Cedar Rapids, IA.


In Walker, IA, there is a softball field that is utilized by the community. The field has meant a lot to many, including myself. It is where kids come to learn about teamwork, leadership, mentorship, and FUN. It is where athletes have started their softball/baseball careers (including mine).  It is where the community comes together for the end of the town’s yearly celebration. 

Over the years the field has been kept and manicured. Batting cages, pitching areas, and an electric scoreboard have been added. The lights have been replaced and the restrooms updated. The community has worked hard to keep the field in the best shape possible. However, the town has a population of 680. 

Pulse Financial's generosity and any other donations collected would go a long way toward helping to pay for the new scoreboard and cement work in front of the home plate grandstand. Updating and adding features has helped to attract college athletes that use the field for summer league games. The community has enjoyed watching the elite competition for 2 years now. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to update and build for the next generation of athletes and sports fans on a little field in Walker, IA.

Aerial field Grandstand

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